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Tagged by :iconstuffedpolarfox: yay ._.

1. Tell us 5 things about yourself
2. Answer these questions 
3. Add another 10 questions and answer them
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag, put their icon in your journal.
5. Go to their profile and tell them that you tagged them.
6. Nothing like " You are tagged if you read this ".
1. I have a duck plushie named Kinky
2. I play Korfball (underapreciated sport Q_Q)
3. I have got a group of friends. We call ourselves the Rainbows.
4. My Swedish boyfriend send me a neckless and a bracelet. I wear them almost everyday so he feels a bit closer ;)
5. I really love all my internet friends, and I am so happy I met alot of them already ^^

1. Yuri or yaoi or neither? :3 

Yaoi Sign , but I don't really have a problem with yuri.

2. What is some of your favorite anime/manga/show?

Bullet; Pink NarutoNaruto Icon 
Bullet; Red Hetalia!!! 
Bullet; Orange Sekai ichi hatsukoi 
Bullet; Yellow Junjou RomanticaJunjou icon2
Bullet; Green Yami no Matsuei
Bullet; Blue   Free!

Bullet; Blue Doctor Who Who's in the tardis? 
Bullet; Purple Torchwood 
Bullet; Yellow Misaki Number One (a really funny Japanese drama. You should watch it xD)

3. What kind of animal do you think you are?

A cute kitten Running Cat 

4. Some of the best games you've ever played?

I haven't really played alot of games... Though I really liked playing a MMORPG called Dragonica. (Or Dragon Saga in the US)

5. Blue or Pink?

Pink Roma Aww 

6.Cat or Dog

Cat :catla: 

7. What do you think of your friends?

They are the most amazing people in the world <3

8. Tsundere/Yandere/neither?

Tsundere >///<

9. Someone just scared you. your reaction?

first Shock Emote , then :angry: 

10. Mario or Luigi? 

Idk about either... But I guess I'd go with Luigi.

11. What's your favorite anime in 2013?

My favourite in 2013 was probably Hetalia. Been almost obsessed with it for a while x)

12. If your going to get married with your favorite character what is your reaction?

I don't want to get married to my favourite character xD

13. Guitar or Piano

Probably Piano. My sister plays it wonderfully Piano :la:  But guitars are cool too x)

14. Who are your favorite anime characters?

England (APH), France (APH), Sakura (YES I LIKE SAKURA OK?)(Naruto), Kakashi (Naruto), Hitsugaya-taichou (Bleach), Yumichika (bleach), Usagi-san (Junjou), Onodera (sekai), and the list goes on~ I like most characters of the animes I watch x)

15. What are your favorite genres?

Romance, comedy, shounen-ai, adventure, sometimes action.

16. Your in a zombie apocalypse! The first item that you see behind you will be your weapon!!!

Calculator3 yay. A calculator. At least I can know what the square root of 12893490 is before the zombies take my brain.

17. Who's Who are your favorite Youtubers?

Pewdiepie, Jack (from Jacksfilms), Shane Dawson.

18. What is life?

The most intresting thing in the universe. ;D

20. Questions are finally done, what do you-


21. Is espurr scary or cute?

Scary. (not gonna admit the fanart can be adorable...)

22. Do you like getting tagged?

Yup. These things are fun to do x)

23. What is your favorite emote on deviantart?

I am not really used to emotes... But I like these x)

Awesome Face, Doctor Style England (Laughing) [V3] Hello My Name Is Creeper avatar 

24. You can swap lifes with one anime character, which one would you choose? Or would you stay with your own life?

I'd stay with my own life, I wouldn't have met all the amazing people I know if I was someone else and I don't want that :)

25. Favourite food?

Tortellini <3 and other stuf ofc.... Chocolate, cookies etc

26. Favourite band/genre?

I listen to some One Direction, All Time Low and Coldplay atm. I like almost eveything as long as it isn't to screamy.

27. Did anyone you know say something that sounds incredibly wrong without noticing it?

A guy in my class once said "REAL men wax their arsehair!" he did notice what he said after it tho...

28. Tea or coffee?


29. Do you know any more questions I could use?

I have to come up with 10 new so I'll think of something x)

30. Traditional or digital drawing?

both Dx Most of the time I draw something on paper, then scan it and colour it on the computer.

31. If you could be the other gender for one day, what would you most certainly NOT do?

Shave my face... I am really afraid I will cut myself if I try that x)

32. Do you think Aliens exsist?

Somewhere probably. The universe is so big, it is arrogant to think we are the only living things.

33. What your favourite subject and why?

English, because the languages connects me to my friends. :)

34. If you would be one of the Seven Sins, which one would you be?

Seven Deadly Sins :: Lust  >/////< I am really a pervert, even if I don't always show it xD

35. Are you seme, uke, a mix of both or nothing?

Uke. :fearblush: 

36. One place you want to visit.

Lysekil, Sweden. My boyfriend's home ^///^

37. What do you think is the most annoying about the other gender?

Some guys think they know everything about girls while they don't have a clue what is going on.

38. Anything you told your friends but haven't told your parents?

I am not going to tell my parents I've watched yaoi... I think they are happy without that information xD

39. Have you ever read smut fanfiction?

........... no

40. Did you lie at one of the questions?

Yes. ( It was certainly NOT question 39. Srsly. I didn't lie there. okai I did lie at question 39... Don't tell anyone x) )

I don't have any friends I could tag except for :iconthomvoncrisps: Sorry D: I hope he has fun doing this tho xD


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